Guided Tour in English

Čt 31.05.2018

On the last day in May we are holding our first English guided tour. Located in the town of Humpolec in the old textile factory halfway between Prague and Brno we have recently opened our doors. The tour will include the story of the idea of the institution itself as well as history of the building and and the first exhibition A homage to broadcloth: Textiles in the Context of Fine Art which presents 84 mostly Czech artists and their textile work over the course of 100 years.

The 8smička art zone will offer three big exhibitions a year, these will be accompanied by publications, accompanying programs, site specific projects, art courses as well as events in public space. Each visitor will experience the impressionably reconstructed historic building along with its coffee shop, bookshop and unique custom made building module for children suited to play.

The tour will be led by our 8smička team member, artist, teacher and native speaker Jan Peknik-Kozak. If you are interested in finding out about the art zone 8smicka, its current exhibition, artists/artworks in English than do not hesitate and book now. Entry to the event will be the same as the basic 8 CZK, we recommend booking a place at info@8smicka.com.